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IoT: Internet of Things


Our teams use agile methodologies to manage product development. Scrum, in particular, provides a framework for how to operate during development by emphasizing daily communication and being able to reassess segments of the plan that are carried out in short, iterative phases of work, sprints.

We have worked with numerous clients to create intuitive web interfaces for their clients. These interfaces could be surveys, dashboards, knowledge sharing portals, feedback pages, etc. Though iterative development with ouri clients, we craft modern, cross-platform web interfaces which often link to backend frameworks like Rails, Nodejs, JSP/J2EE/Struts, or depending on the needs of our clients, we have built custom built MVC frameworks.

Mobile: Depending on our clients needs, we built have build lightweight Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), and when performance or deeper device integration is warranted, we have built native Swift apps for iOS devices and J2ME apps for Android Devices.

DevOps: We have a dedicated operations team who have built automated monitoring and deployment tools on Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Heroku, Microsoft Azure and many others. We can also help to host or monitor applications in your own server environment.

Internet of Things: Todays environment of LTE and 5G along with low power processing and economies of scale have brought new capabilities. Devices leveraging Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth 4.0/5.0, etc, can be a bit overwhelming, but with our experience, we can ensure that you’ve got a setup which will remain supported, and scalable as your environment grows.

We have a long history of working on enterprise projects spanning work with the Department of Education, to large Telecom companies, and DC government projects. Everything from multi-level requirements documents, performance specifications, baseline architectures, redundancy planning and failover. Our consultants have a bevy of experience and best practices to draw from and will work with your teams to build the best solution in a timely manner.

VisiPlanner is an easy to use organizer, which gives you a perspective beyond just day2day deadlines. With a birds-level view, VisiPlanner helps align your time and activities with your long term goals, in a fast, easy to use application.

Wink&.drink was created for those of us who have moved on from people rich environments like uni, sports, teams, church, etc; yet we still enjoy being connected with like-minded folks.

AsYouAre is an app for everyone. Like our name implies, express yourself as you are. It doesn’t matter the color of your skin, your sex or your sexual preference.

iTellaShare is a tool to connect with subject matter experts, or with those who have experience in a particular area. It will be a leading knowledge repository and a marketplace connecting individuals to share information.

The platform will provide a “human connection” to enable users to connect others across various cultures, languages, and most importantly different perspectives.

Samui Caravans is a page we built based on the requirements of an external client. They wanted an easy way to showcase their resort located in Koh Samui, Thailand. They wanted a page optimized for multiple devices which showed rich graphics and beautiful photos of their property. Once we agreed on high level requirements, mockups were made, and using an iterative process, the site came together in a week. No frameworks, just clean semantic markup, ES6, and CSS3.

TechTransit started in 2002 during the dot com bust. After working as a consultant for Booz Allen & Hamilton, and later as a Technical Architect for Openwave Systems, our founder leveraged his teaching experience at the University of Maryland, College Park by opening an IT training center in Waldorf, MD. With help from Randy Cuff, and Cisco Certified instructor, TechTransit taught dozens of students classes in web development, graphic design, basic through advanced programming, computer repair and support.

After successfully running for a number of years, the company began offering IT support contracts with local companies and eventually fully transitioned to consulting, once TechTransit because an authorized service provider for Openwave Systems, one of the founders former companies. Through that relationship, TechTransit provided support to Telecom New Zealand, in Wellington NZ for over the air firmware updates for their CDMA based phones. Afterwards, TechTransit helped Telecom’s provide their customers with “self-initiated” device provisioning, whereby customers could buy a phone off the shelf and set up their account, select a billing plan, options, and add their billing details to activate the phone immediately without needing to speak to a customer service representative.

TechTransit has supported numerous projects for other telecoms like Globe Telecom (XAM platform integration), Nextel (integration of billing systems), Sprint (instant messaging integration with AOL instant messenger), AT&T (SABA and network design), among many others. We have also worked with the DC public school system on projects like IMPACT (performance evaluations for educators) and various systems to support legal compliance.

Besides our consulting work in Washington DC, TechTransit has opened a new software development office in Medellin, Colombia. This office focuses on in-house web and mobile application development. We are currently working on a web search engine, a knowledge sharing platform (winner of a startup weekend competition in North Carolina, USA, 2016), and Visiplanner a web/mobile organizational application.

TechTransit’s vision is to help our clients be successful and make software that our users love. Our mission is to support our clients with the best designed, documented, and built services. For our users, we strive to build the most easy to use, functional tools to solve their problems and make their day2day lives easier.

Our Offices

We are an American company whose headquarters are located in Washington, DC. We are growing quickly and have recently opened an office in the city of Eternal Spring, Medellin.

Our Medellin office is in the new WeWork building, near to cc Oviedo and cc Santafe. The office enviroment is beautifully designed and features benefits like daily events discussing topics like digital marketing, bitcoin, real estate, new technologies/concepts, etc. We also have recreation activities like watching live sports events on a huge projector. How about fitness? We have Yoga every tuesday, and Crossfit on thursdays. We embrace the idea of work hard, play hard. Got a dog? They are also welcome in our progressive, Silicon Valley-like office space. Did we mentioned organic coffee and unlimited beers? Cheers!

North American Office

810 7th St NE
Washington DC 20002
United States

South American Office

Edificio Ofi7, 11-104
Calle 7Sur #42 - 145
Medellin, Colombia

We are serious about growing our new Medellin office quickly and depending on your qualifications and experience, we are offering starting bonuses for ideal candidates. For more junior candidates we have mentoring with more experienced staff. Our company values both personal as well as professional growth.

Location: Poblado, near to CC Santafe and Aguacatala Metro Station

Send resumes to jobs @ techtransit .com indicating that you saw the offer on our webpage, and specifiy which position you are applying for.